During the week, government agencies said they are seeking up to $50 million to deal with crypto misdeeds.
Hut 8 Mining’s chief executive Andrew Kiguel is resigning. The move, for which a reason was not given, comes after a significant milestone for the comp…
The companies CurioInvest and MERJ, in Seychelles, are planning to tokenize 500 collectible cars worth over $200 million.
Vodafone’s avoidance of the United States signals the world’s biggest economy might — or at least, there is the perception of that — fall behind in the…
The former regulatory chief has announced plans for the “Digital Dollar Project,” a group to help with the digitization of the U.S. dollar.
Russia’s Telegram has had a terrible, horrible, no-good week. But the last time a similar case happened, it wasn’t that bad.
Assassination happened on Bitcoin’s 11th anniversary. Bitcoin jumped as much as 5 per cent.
The Ethereum research scientist will thus likely spend a year behind bars between arrest and trial.
Amid increasing regulation, we will likely see more players enter the race to create a digital currency with a stable price and controllable by a centr…
Cotten’s heart stopped last winter, but his name remained shining. Now Cotten’s name is mired in the same Halifax dirt his body (allegedly) lies.
The customer base for those mainstream investments that will lure big-money institutional investors seems to be disappearing
I was in Pyongyang and directly witnessed the events described; the charges are entirely without merit.