Yuan-coin! China confirms its digital currency is ready

A senior official at China's central bank announced on Saturday the country will soon roll out its own sort of cryptocurrency.

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A senior official at China's central bank announced on Saturday the country will soon roll out its own sort of cryptocurrency.

While there are few details beyond the fact that the coin will not be entirely based on blockchain, the official said the "People's Bank digital currency can now be said to be ready."

That comes at a significant time. A People’s Bank of China official has said Facebook’s Libra has forced the institution to step up creation of its own digital currency — a move central banks around the world are also exploring. The Asian country’s formerly dismissive attitude toward Bitcoin has been shifting.

Let’s not forget, though: a central bank digital currency will likely be no different from Facebook’s Libra — cryptocurrency only in name.

In a country accused of overwhelming electronic surveillance, and where personal privacy is increasingly being eroded, a government digital currency might just be really scary.

Bitcoin price: hanging close to support; could fall

Bitcoin is at $11,354 (C$15,073) as of noon Eastern Time, up 3 per cent for the week, but hanging close to support levels and can fall in the short term, technical analysis shows. Bitcoin had surged to above $12,000 in the middle of the week, buoyed by U.S.-China trade tensions.

World: Binance customer info allegedly leaked

Malta-registered Binance, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, is investigating an alleged leak of its customers’ identification documents. The leak, reportedly related to a 7,000-bitcoins hack last May, could affect up to 60,000 users. Binance casts doubt on the documents’ legitimacy, but stops short of a denial.

A lawsuit against Coinbase’s alleged botched 2017 listing of the Bitcoin offshoot Bitcoin Cash (BCH) will proceed to trial. New York’s Coinbase is a major U.S. exchange platform. The case’s outcome could affect how it and its peers list new cryptocurrencies.

Canada: Blockstream unveils secret mining sites

Blockstream, of the Canadian city of Victoria, British Columbia, has revealed massive Bitcoin mining sites in the country’s Quebec province and the U.S. state of Georgia. The facilities’ electricity total 300 megawatts, capable of comprising almost 8 per cent of the entire Bitcoin network.

Cole Diamond, chief executive of Canada’s largest exchange, Toronto’s Coinsquare, has praised Bitcoin Satoshi’s Vision (BSV), an offshoot of Bitcoin Cash. Such offshoots are born amid in-fighting in the coins’ communities, often wreaking havoc on price.

A Bitcoin scammer targets the wrong man, Ben Perrin of the western Canadian city of Calgary, who runs a cryptocurrency YouTube channel. The scammer gets scammed.